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are the genetic basis for a healthy, strong and powerful offspring.

English Birdland's Eva

hdn eva

  • sire: Cucca's X-Factor, dam: Cucca's Hasta la Vista
  • born 25.04.2022
  • HD B1, CCL-free, PRA-free


"La Bomba" or "the kangaroo" - Eva is an impulsive-explosive mixture of happiness, zest for action and passion for hunting. Eva simply knows how and where to find game birds and does this with incredible aplomb. In addition, she shows fantastic manners, both when she is pointing expressively and moves forward towards the birds decisively, as well as in the form of a beautiful running movement. With excellent head posture, an immobile back line, and a smooth movement, she draws wide loops, in terms of mentality certainly often bordering on the Grande Quête.

What particularly excites me about the young dog is her hunting intuition in the form of great game sharpness and natural retrieval, whether on land or in water. No matter what species of game birds are hunted in which country, you don't have to explain anything to Eva twice. She is always and everywhere with great enthusiasm.

Hunting Competitions

  • Deutschland: 1.Excellent 17P. Int. Derby Couple ESCD
  • Serbien: Res.CAC, 2x Excellent, Excellent beim Euro Derby GQ


  • VG (SRA Riedenberg ESCD 2024)

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hdn eva flying

hdn eva porträt

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Nina Paul-Wollmann
Am Kreuzbrunnen 46
66564 Ottweiler
phone +49 (0)178-7113695

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