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Our English Birdland's B-litter is born on 1th of August 2019. Inchy has given birth to 2 males and 3 females.


dam: Inchy du Murat >> PEDIGREE
* born 27.06.2013, DESZB-Nr 13/1115
* hip score normal (B1), CCL-free
* Filou du Mas d’Eyraud - Faena du Mas d’Eyraud
* Field tests: Derby Solo/Paar, Field Trial Couple, Gibier Tiré
* Exposition results: V1, CAC, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
2017 10 10 losey 5336

sire: Cucca’s X-Factor >> PEDIGREE
* born 26.06.2014, LOF7 S.A. 253966/42451
* hip score normal (B), CCL-free, PRA-free
* Cucca’s Orfei – Cucca’s Kelly
* Titels: Champ. International GQ, CH(ES)B
* Exposition results: Excellent

2019 08 02 Puppies

First week
Healthy, strong, robust and satisfied - that's my B-litter. The English Setter puppies are breaking all weight records. Already at birth, each puppy had more than 400g. Today on day 5, most of them already exceed the 600g mark. Drinking and sleeping, that’s the little ones’ life through the first days.
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4th/5th week
Since moving to the outdoor puppy-kennel, the puppies' development has been racing: playing, romping, scuffling - there's plenty of new space and opportunities to explore the world. The first contact with the smell of game, feathers, wings already show that the little English setters carry the genetic potential of an excellent pointing dog.
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6th/7th week
"Socialising, experiences, imprinting" - is the motto in these weeks. Divers, loud, varied. Many many human social contact, engine noise, children's racket, first car rides, water contact, feather and hair deer. Our young English Setters are exposed to many different stimuli in order to be able to face the later life’s challenges as cool as possible.
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Puppies in detail with names:

Black Tony

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