These are the English Setters that joined my path of life in one way or another. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. They all were unique and taught me a lot about the training and handling of British Pointing Dogs – each one in his own way. They enriched my experience, gave me a lot of pleasure - and sometimes sorrow. They all have one thing in common: they remain unforgotten.

NORA DE TORFOU (born 04.03.2017, Nana de Coriam – Hoover du Val du Ruth)
hunde noraSpeed, dynamics, finding game - that's NORA. The small orange-belton English Setter bitch makes us happy with her great hunting passion. Outside the field, she is characterized by a very balanced character and high social compatibility
DYER’S CACCIA (born 02.04.1995; Emsjäger's Tom -  Hansdahl's A. Ronja Roverdatter)
dyers cacciaCaccia was my first English Setter, she opened the door to the cynological and the hunting world. As a 12-year-old girl, we had our first experience in field work together. Caccia accompanied me through all my personal ups and downs of life; “together” we passed the hunting and driving licence, high school diploma and university degree. We shared every hunting experience, moved to different cities together, and was with me when I started my professional life. We shared our growing up. Caccia’s bloodlines were from Italian/Danish working dogs which is why she was a really passionate hunter. We passed the traditional German hunting dog education (hunting, pointing, retrieving, obedience, blood tracking etc.) as well as the classical Field Trials for British Pointing Dogs.
DYER’S JOSEFINE (born 11.02.2002; Dyer’s Caccia - Dyer’s Buddy)
dyers josefineJosy was very similar to her mother. A reliable huntress, a dog for practical shooting. The Danish bloodline showed in her high prey drive and great hunting passion, especially in water. When it came to good-naturedness and reliability, Josy was unrivalled.
EMSJÄGER’S WITTA (born 19.03.2002; Emsjäger's Ozelot - Dyer's Buddy)
hunde wittaWitta came to me for training dog and with her tenacity gave me valuable, lasting lessons concerning the education of dogs. Although from the same sire, she differed strongly in her behavior and reactions from her half-sister Josy. Very stubborn and at the same time very sensitive. Not in a negative way, but a very different type of setter.
DYER’S ORYX (born 16.12.2007; Dyer's Josefine -  Vitus de l’Echo de la forêt)
dyers oryxPet name "Umani". Josy's daughter and third generation of "my" English setters, all from the kennel "Dyers". The combination of the Italian-Danish motherline with the French fatherline somehow led to the fact that Umani was very differed in type and character to her predecessors: always highest speed, an inexhaustible need for exercise, low bonding to the handler. But still as friendly and lovely as any of my other Setters.
SICILIAS BELLA (born 02.07.2012; Arpa del Zagnis - Glaukos)
hunde bellaA really sensitive dog. High natural abilities, tricolor bitch from Italian-Belgian bloodlines with an elegant, catlike movement. Finest English setter style.
CAOS DEL ZAGNIS (born 09.05.2013; Alla Aldimis - Sodo del Zagnis)
caos des zagnisPretty little Italian. Stylish, highly promising natural abilities. Due to health problems Caos left us far too soon.
NANA DE CORIAM (born 09.05.2013; Hutte de Coriam - Leggiadro de Coriam)
nana del coriamThe small "Brownie" comes from a Belgian breeder, with 100% Italian bloodlines. The fact that liver English setters are generally described as being more sensitive, Nana proved quite well, something I found very fascinating. She delighted us with her elegant style of running and her biddability.

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