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Two adults, two children – that’s my family. And always right in our midst: my English Setters. I became acquainted with this breed as a child and learned a lot about hunting and breeding of these English Setting Dogs. In 1999, I passed my shooting license and developed a never ending love for the “White Hunters” which continues to this day. I brought my enthusiasm into our marriage and transferred it to our two (currently still young) daughters. The dogs accompany us through our varied everyday life. Our house borders directly on fields and forests; our hunting grounds are only 10 minutes away by car. Most of our spare time is dedicated to shooting/hunting and my great passion: The English Setter.


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English Setters – bred to hunt; specialists in finding and pointing game birds. My setters are used for all kinds of shooting and hunting aspects. But the “heart and soul” is the classic field work: in spring when the dogs “fly” over the fields searching for game birds, in autumn when hunting partridges in stubble fields or pheasants in the sugar beet, that is when we are 100% in our element. To practice this type of work, no journey is too far, (almost) no investment too high for us: I often participate with my setters in training sessions around the world and we compete in various national and international field trials. Since 2003 I have been actively involved in the English Setter Club Germany; in 2008 I passed the exam as a field judge for Pointing Breeds and in 2024 as a exposition jugde for English Setters. That’s my contribution to the preservation of these wonderful field specialists.


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To me, hunting is not just a hobby, or amusement even. It is an attitude towards life, a profound passion. Hunting means taking responsibility, having respect towards game and nature. And also towards our hunting companion, your dog. In all types of hunting, dogs are indispensable companions and helpers. For me, hunting together with my dogs is the most beautiful way of hunting. Enjoying great hunting experiences in nature together with my dogs is more important than a huge quantity of game or an impressive trophy. The efficient relationship between dog and hunter is the "icing on the cake" which makes a shooting experience into a very special experience which will be remembered for a long time.

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