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Our English Birdland's E-litter is born on 25th of April 2022. Hasta has given birth to 2 males and 5 females.
Current information about this litter and the puppies' development can be found at BLOG.


dam: Cucca's Hasta la Vista
* born 11/11/2016, DESZB-Nr DESZ19/2038-E
* hip score normal (B), CCL-free
* Cucca's Okeo - Cucca's Italia
* Working titles: Trialer Grande Quête, Vice-Winner Serb. Derby GQ 2019
* Exposition results: 1.Excellent with CAC/CACIB
2017 10 10 losey 5336

sire: Cucca’s X-Factor
* born 26/06/2014, LOF7 S.A. 253966/42451
* hip score normal (B), CCL-free, PRA-free
* Cucca’s Orfei – Cucca’s Kelly
* Working titels: Intern. Working Champion GQ, National Working Champion GQ France/Spain
* Expositon results: Excellent

birdland E Wurf

The first 4 weeks
Hasta took her time and gave birth to her offspring on the 67th day of pregnancy (2 males, 5 females). The long delay was very nerve-wracking for us, but the birth went relatively smoothly and naturally. Seven strong Setter puppies, all healthy and fine (3x blue-belton, 4x orange-belton). The high birth weights and their homogeneous distribution have been astonishing: all puppies had between 325 and 350g. As it's her second litter, Hasta immediately remembered her mother's duties and took care of the little ones in a very effective and loving way. Shortly before the end of the third week of life, the family moved outside in the dog yard.

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