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Our English Birdland's E-litter is born on 25th of April 2022. Hasta has given birth to 2 males and 5 females.


dam: Cucca's Hasta la Vista >> PEDIGREE
* born 11/11/2016, DESZB-Nr DESZ19/2038-E
* hip score normal (B), CCL-free
* Cucca's Okeo - Cucca's Italia
* Field tests: Grande Quête, Vice-Winner Serbian Derby GQ 2019
* Exposition results: 1.Excellent with CAC/CACIB

2017 10 10 losey 5336

sire: Cucca’s X-Factor >> PEDIGREE
* born 26/06/2014, LOF7 S.A. 253966/42451
* hip score normal (B), CCL-free, PRA-free
* Cucca’s Orfei – Cucca’s Kelly
* Titels: Intern. Working Champion GQ, National Working Champion France/Spain
* Expositon results: Excellent

birdland E Wurf

The first 4 weeks

Hasta took her time and gave birth to her offspring on the 67th day of pregnancy (2 males, 5 females). The long delay was very nerve-wracking for us, but the birth went relatively smoothly and naturally. Seven strong Setter puppies, all healthy and fine (3x blue-belton, 4x orange-belton). The high birth weights and their homogeneous distribution have been astonishing: all puppies had between 325 and 350g. As it's her second litter, Hasta immediately remembered her mother's duties and took care of the little ones in a very effective and loving way. Shortly before the end of the third week of life, the family moved outside in the dog yard.
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4th until 15th week
One female will stay in Germany, all the others will live and hunt abroad (France/Norway/Sweden). This is why almost the entire litter remained with us for a long time beyond the eighth week, until they were allowed to cross the borders. An exciting time! On the one hand extremely work-intensive with so many adventurous setters growing up, on the other hand it is pure joy to give the little ones the first hunting impressions and socializing and to observe the different characters developping.
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Puppies in detail with names:

Elwood min

Eros min

Easy min

Eline min

Ella min

Emmy min

Eva min

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Am Kreuzbrunnen 46
66564 Ottweiler
phone +49 (0)178-7113695

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