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Our English Birdland's A-litter (4 males, 1 female) is born on 6th of December 2017.


dam: Solid Gold's Yoga >> PEDIGREE
* born 09.04.2011, DESZB-Nr 13/1105
* hip score normal (A2), CCL free
* Lord del Zagnis - Solid Gold's Veria
* European Champion 2014, World Champion 2016

2017 10 10 losey 5336

sire: Losey du Val du Ruth>> PEDIGREE
* born 16.07.2015, DESZB 17/1172
* hip score normal (A1), CCL free
* Picasso - Goya du Val du Ruth
* hunting contests: JAP, Int. Derby Couple, Field Trial, Gibier Tiré

2017 12 06 Welpen kl

3rd/4th week

Our English Setter puppies are all well, healthy and cheerful. From the beginning, they have been perfectly cared for by their mother Yoga and are developing really well. All puppies are orange-belton and differ only slightly by colored ears or head spots. Also in character, the litter is very homogeneous.
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5th/6th week
Playing, romping, scuffling - in accordance with their age, our English Setter puppies now demand more and more space and opportunities to discover and explore the world. First contacts with the smell of game, feathers and bird wings show even at this young age the genetic predispositions for pointing, but also the hunting instinct to grab and prey.
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7th/8th week
Fields and forest, wind and weather, slush and snow - there is nothing our English Setter puppies would not explore. Nothing that should not be sniffed, nibbled, shredded or tasted. No sound that scares off; no hurdle that could not be climbed. Yes, puppies of this age are extremely demanding and therefore they get a wide range of different impressions, from the maximum human socialization to various everyday situations and early game/bird impressions.
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The puppies in detail with names (chosen by the new owners):

201801 acdc

201801 aka

201801 albert

201801 archibald

201801 august

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