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European Champion GT 2021

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European Championship for English Setters with shot birds & retrieving test (GT) 2021
Nis (Serbia), 19.-20. November 2021

English Birdland's CHABLIS: European Champion GT 2021 (best female)
  • 1st day: 1.Excellent CAC/RCACIT - Judges Demaretz (F), Mitrovic (SRB)
  • 2nd day: 1.Excellent CAC/CACIT - Judges Sormaz (SRB), Murarescu (ROM)
With these results, Chablis (only 17 month old!) was the best dog of all participating nations. At the same time, she also fulfills the performance requirements for the Serbian and International Working Champion (I.A.Ch.) - a historic achievement for a dog of her age, bred in Germany.

The other German male dogs were also able to classify on the first day of the Championship:
  • Excellent - English Birdland's Black TONY (Dr. Cetina Thiel)
  • Excellent - LOSEY du Val du Ruth (Nina Wollmann)

European Champion Males: Balboa Zagni del Duda, H: Pezzotta (SRB)

Vice-European-Champion Males: Edbel Ambo, H: Faissat (F)

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