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Our English Birdland's C-litter is born on 22th of May 2020. Hasta has given birth to 5 males and 2 females.


dam: Cucca's Hasta la Vista >> PEDIGREE
* born 11/11/2016, DESZB-Nr DESZ19/2038-E
* hip score normal (B), CCL-free
* Cucca's Okeo - Cucca's Italia
* Field tests: Grande Quête, Vice-Winner Serbian Derby GQ 2019
* Exposition results: 1.Excellent with CAC/CACIB

2017 10 10 losey 5336

sire: Cucca’s X-Factor >> PEDIGREE
* born 26/06/2014, LOF7 S.A. 253966/42451
* hip score normal (B), CCL-free, PRA-free
* Cucca’s Orfei – Cucca’s Kelly
* Titels: Intern. Working Champion GQ, National Working Champion France/Spain
* Expositon results: Excellent

Cucca's X-Factor

2020 04 07 X
Breeder: Guglielmo CUCCAROLLO (Italy)
Owner: Vladimir DEMARETZ (France)
Handler: Pablo FERNANDEZ (Spain)

English Birdland's C-litter
, born 22/05/2020:

2020 05 23 C Wurf

First week
Seven healthy puppies, all strong and fit after an uncomplicated birth - what else could a breeder wish for? Hasta has immediately accepted her role as a multiple mother and takes care of her offspring perfectly with her typical calm, sovereignty and affection. The little ones develop just as uncomplicated and gain a lot every day. On day 10, some of them have already 1kg.
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3rd/4th week
We have moved out! With increasing mobility and desire to move, more space had to be offered so that the puppies "emigrated" to the outdoor dogyard. In wonderful early summer weather they can discover everything that nature offers. At the same time, the flow of visitors increases - neighbors, family, friends, puppy buyers and lots of children every day ensure maximum social contact.
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5th/6th week
Yeah - we own the world! Cheeky, adventurous, curious and self-confident - the 7 mini-setters thrive and prosper. First contacts with dead birds and hair game. First time water-contact at the pond. First mini-excursions in the adjacent meadows. Lots of people visiting every day. Eating properly, sleeping soundly and digesting all the different impressions.
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7th/8th week
Now our English Setter puppies are almost 8 weeks old. The white, helpless mites have changes to powerful, energetic puppies who want to discover and explore the world. Soon they will leave our house to move to their new owners. We tried to give as many positive impressions as possible to the little Setters so that they can develop into passionate, high-performance hunting dogs. We are looking forward to the future!
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Puppies in detail with names:

Carlsberg min
Clicquot min
Cuccas min
Cosmo min
Chopin min
Chablis min
Carla min

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Am Kreuzbrunnen 46
66564 Ottweiler
phone +49 (0)178-7113695

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