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2022 11 ChampionsKM min

Great dogs' performance requires premium petfood. Special Thanks to KINGSMOOR Norway for delivering the world's best petfood to my fourlegged hunting team.
  • perfect physical condition
  • strength, power, health
  • best tolerance and digestibility
  • wonderful shiny fur
  • natural nordic ingredients

🏆European Champion GT 2021 & 2022 English Birdland's Chablis
    (1.Exc. CAC/CACIT Heinsberg ESCD, 3rd place Team Med. Cup Serbia)
🏆Ch.I.T. Losey du Val du Ruth (2nd place World Champ. St. Hubert Women’s Team)
🏆Cucca’s Hasta La Vista (1.Exc. CAC/CACIT Kogenheim SPC Suisse)
🏆English Birdland’s Cuccas (1.Exc. CAC Heinsberg ESCD)

We are so proud of our high performing team of English Setters! And grateful that their performance is optimally supported by the perfect dogfood.