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European Championship GT 2021

europa championat GT 2021

Nis (Serbia), 19.-20. November 2021
GT means "Gibier Tiré" (=with bird retrieving)
N. Wollmann with ES English Birdland's CHABLIS: European Champion GT 2021 (best female dog)
19/11/2021 1.Excellent CAC/RCACIT  - Judges Demaretz (F), Mitrovic (SRB).
20/11/2021 1.Excellent CAC/CACIT    - Judges Sormaz (SRB), Murarescu (ROM).

With these results, Chablis (only 17 month old!) was the best dog of all participating nations. At the same time, she also fulfills the performance requirements for the Serbian and International Working Champion (I.A.Ch.) - a historic achievement for a dog of her age, bred in Germany.

My two German male dogs were also able to classify on the first day of the Championship:
Excellent - LOSEY du Val du Ruth
Excellent - English Birdland's Black TONY

European Champion Males: Balboa Zagni del Duda, H: Pezzotta (SRB)
Vice-European-Champion Males: Edbel Ambo, H: Faissat (F)

Grouse hunting Norway 2018

jagd in norwegen

Almost endless, open, spacious highland areas, far away from any civilization, gently rolling hills with maximum knee-high heather and berry plants, colourful autumn colours in the sunlight – dreamlike conditions for British Pointing Dogs!

In September 2018 I was travelling north again. Following an invitation from my Scandinavian friends, grouse hunting in the Norwegian Highlands was on the programme. The hunting grounds are about 800-1000 metres high and make every bird hunter’s heart beat faster. Grouse live in family groups and feed on heather and varieties of berries. Often you can find them in the lee of small hills, near some single high mountain birch with some protecting and wind-sheltering herbs or bushes. However, you only get hunting success if the dogs search in a very spacious and persistent way and manage to point and fix the birds in an experienced manner. It's really magical when these brown-white birds fly away in front of the pointing dog, against the background of wonderful autumnal Highland landscape. It is beyond words when a grouse is falling down on the shot and my own dog retrieves it to me with a proud walk.
At the same time we had the opportunity to hunt for Common snipe (gallinago gallinago) which reside in reed areas around the numerous mountain lakes before moving into the southern winter quarters. The highest nose performance and hunting experience of our setters was required to succeed. I was so happy to shoot my first snipe pointed by my English Setters in front of such a beautiful mountain panorama.
Deepest contentment and a pleasant quietness, when the tired two and four-legged companions rested in front of the open fire in the secluded hunting lodge after the long day's marches. A thoroughly natural experience that will be remembered forever.


Hunting adventure Norway 2017

jagd in norwegen

I would never have dared to dream, but in November 2017 it became a reality: hunting with shotgun and my English Setters on black grouse and capercaillie in Norway's stunning natural landscape. Autumnal pine forests, interspersed with colorful broad-leaved trees, idyllic moor lakes, rivulets and streams with clear, cold water, rising fog and frost in the morning, rocks, overgrown with green lush moss, yellow colored ferns in reddish heather, knotty mountain pines - pure nature!
Physically like mentally a real challenge during the full-day foot marches. We only spent a few days in Norway, but enjoyed the hunt in the friendly circle of like-minded people to the fullest and brought along a lot of great memories and impressions. My only two-year-old hunting companion Losey managed (with no previous experience in this difficult mountain forest terrain) to find and point black grouse instinctively, to fix the birds, to lift them on command independently, so that I - for the first time in my life - could shot two blackcocks. For me a personal and unforgettable hunting highlight, a pure nature experience!

World Championship Pointing Dogs 2016

championat wm2016

Droninglund (Denmark), 22.-24. October 2016
Pointing dogs German team: N. Wollmann / ES Solid Gold's Yoga, L. Vida / GS Puronperän Tiia, M. Ellenhorst / GS Jamainas Bajen, P. Labarre / POI Field Flyers First Flower, H. Sporleder / IS Lia v Kapellenpfad (Reserve)

N. Wollmann / ES Solid Gold's Yoga 1.Exc. CAC/CACIT (1. day), 2.Exc. (2. day)
World Champion Individual 2016

Photos by Kim Henriksen

World Championship Pointing Dogs 2015

championat wm2015

Nis (Serbia), 24. - 26. October 2015 (29 Nations)
Pointing dogs german team: P. Labarre / POI Field Flyer's First Flower, E. Schönau / POI Astor vom Mückenborn and POI Xanta vom Mückenborn, N. Wollmann / ES Solid Gold's Yoga
Sct. Hubertus german team Ladies: N. Jeuschde / ES Joe od Gmizica, N. Wollmann / ES Solid Gold's Yoga

Results Pointing Dogs
N. Wollmann / ES Solid Gold's Yoga 2.Très bon. In total amount with the result of P. Labarre/First-Flower (1. Exc) Germany becomes World Champion Team 2015

Results St. Hubert
N. Wollmann/Yoga and N. Jeuschede/Joe, 3. Place National Team Ladies

European Championship GT 2014

EU Championat 2014

Kroatisch Geresdorf (Austria)  19.-20. October 2014
(12 Nations, 60 English Setters)
GT means "Gibier Tiré" (=with bird retrieving)
German participant: N. Wollmann / ES Solid Gold's Yoga

N. Wollmann / ES Solid Gold's Yoga, 1. Exc. = European Champion GT 2014 (best female dog)

WC Belgium 2007

championat wm 2007s
Sct. Hubert Ladies
2. Place National Teams
A. Weibrecht / POI Argon vd Dachsfichten
N. Wollmann / ES Dyer’s Josefine

WC Denmark 2005

championat wm2005s
Sct. Hubert Ladies
3. Place National Teams
R. Stelter / IS Whisper v.d. Osterpforte
N. Wollmann / ES Dyer’s Josefine

WC Slovakia 2004

championat wm2004s
Sct. Hubert Ladies
2. Place National Teams
R. Stelter / GS Makaela’s Black Cooper
N. Wollmann / ES Dyer’s Caccia

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